General Access

Participants receive access to all Zones in the #ThePlex. Rates start at $15 for the first 1/2 hour and $5 for every additional 30 minutes! Participants will need a pair of Apex socks, which are $3 each. These can be reused next time. All of our pricing includes any applicable taxes.

Our audience changes throughout the day. We are open late and #ThePlex typically hosts an older audience after 8pm. Younger participants (12 years old and under) typically frequent the facility during the day and early evenings. With that said, we have no age limits or restrictions! All participants pay the same whether they are 4 or 50 years old!

Space is limited. Please book ahead to guarantee your Zone time! If purchased online, you can either print your tickets, or bring them to the #ThePlex on your phone.
Please select a date.